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If you’re interested in contributing something to our blog, first off — thank you! Second, here are the types of things I’m looking for:

>> PROFILES/INTERVIEWS with awesome girls you know — people who are making a difference in others’ lives, or making some kind of statement. That girl who makes you go, “Hmmm… I wish I had the chutzpah to do that…”

>> STORIES ABOUT WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO, whether it’s rocking your job, climbing mountains, mothering sweet children, rolling down hills, making snowcones, or making people smile — share it!

>> PICTURES OF YUMMY FOOD that you’ve cooked or eaten, and stories about how good it was to cook/eat it. Because food is generally awesome.

>> PICTURES OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACES, and a note or a story about what makes that place special to you. (It could be Kuala Lumpur, or your backyard. Or both, if your backyard happens to be in Kuala Lumpur).

>> ORIGINAL ART/POETRY/PROSE, especially work that you think provides insight on the female experience

>> ESSAYS about issues you think are important to women, or observations you’ve made about womanhood today. Because there is SO MUCH we could, and should, talk about.

Please send your submissions, as well as any questions or comments, to I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thanks! Lots of xs and os,


PS – Want to help, but need some motivation? Here, 10 reasons why you should contribute — today!

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