Happy Friday! YAY! 10 Reasons Why You Should Contribute to SoulCandy

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June 6, 2014 by soulcandymag

Woohoo! Weekend kick-off! Can I get a what WHAT? (Forgive me, I currently have Starbucks in my hand and the weather is wonderful and WEEKEND and I’m feeling so Tina Fey-high-fiving-a-million-angels right now…

ahem… but I digress…)

Here are 10 reasons why you, yes, YOU, should contribute to Soul Candy’s inaugural issue TODAY like right now as in this instant:

1. It’s the inaugural issue. INAUGURAL. How many times do you get to participate in the inaugural anything? Especially something so intrinsically awesome as a magazine dedicated to celebrating your intrinsic awesomeness? You know who does inaugural things? The president! You can be like the president! American Dream FTW!

Heck yeah, we can. source

2. You can get published! Your words, your thoughts, right here, immortalized. You = mortal. Words = immortal. Your heart will go on.Think about it.


*Yep, pretty positive I just had a heart attack of sexiness.

4. Because you can use a public forum to make a statement on something important to you, a la Emma Stone and her boo-thang.

5. Because 61.3 percent – almost two-thirds — of the reporters in the United States are male. And while more than 75 percent of news stories use males as sources, only a third of stories rely on even a single female source.

6. Because even though this awful gender gap exists, there have been trail blazers. Love or unlove Arianna Huffington, we owe her for being a trailblazer. We gotta carry that forward.

7. Because it’ll make you think of candy. Which will make you smile. And smiling = awesome.

8. Because it’s Friday, you are in the office, and you are prooooobably not being very productive anyway. Let’s be honest with ourselves. You look a lot like this guy right now:

It’s time to do something with yourself.

9. Because certain  rad authors are putting a new fire under feminism. And you can be part of that radness.

10. Because your hair looks awesome today. Because you are awesome. Because there are definitely a lot of awesome ideas and thoughts inside of you that, if you took a few minutes to try get them out, would surprise you. And probably enlighten the rest of us. Share your genius! BRAVO, YOU!

*Have I convinced you yet? Send your submissions to soulcandymag@gmail.com.


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